The Financial Times – Ranking 2024 edition

We are thrilled to announce that Regimbeau has been recognized in the @Financial Times Ranking – 2024 edition!  

The Financial Times in collaboration with the research institute Statista has published the 6th edition of its special report “Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2024”. This is a recognized ranking of Europe’s leading patent law firms in the field of intellectual property.   

This year, Regimbeau is ranked as one of Europe’s leading patent law firms, with bronze rankings in the “Chemistry & Pharmacy” and “Mechanical Engineering” categories. 

We warmly thank our clients for their trust and support and our team for their commitment. 

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Axelle Trichard will lead the National Trademarks Commission meeting – July 4   

Axelle Trichard, Senior Industrial Property Attorney, will take part as a speaker in the meeting of APRAM’s “National Trademarks” Committee on July 4.

The topic of the meeting will be: “Autonomous distinctive position: state of play and discussion on a main concept in assessing the risk of confusion”.

A meeting organized by APRAM – Association of Trade Mark and Design Law Practitioners –an international francophile Association grouping together Intellectual Property legal experts. The Association blends the three component IP « families »: in-house lawyers, Attorneys-at-law and Industrial Property Attorneys.

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day – June 7, 2024  

Every year since 1998, World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, initiated by UNIFAB, has been held to raise public awareness of the serious economic and environmental consequences of counterfeiting.  

Counterfeiting is more than just the violation of intellectual property rights. It hinders the development of businesses in all economic sectors, and fuels illicit activities. This phenomenon represents a triple scourge, impacting various sectors, threatening the know-how and intellectual property of companies ️, and compromising the health of consumers while generating major ecological costs. 

Intellectual Property protection is essential to defend your innovations. It rewards innovators’ efforts and provides them with the means to fight counterfeiters and unfair practices.  

Regimbeau can help you protect and defend your creations and innovations.   

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Who’s Who Legal France – Ranking 2024 

Who’s Who Legal has announced the results of its 2024 review of leading patent & trademark attorneys in France.

Regimbeau is pleased to announce the recognition of Jean-Robert Callon de Lamarck, Marie Audren, Emmanuel Potdevin, Stéphanie Massin Celaire and Thomas Moisand in the “Patent” category and Martine Bloch-Weill in the “Trademarks” category.   

We would like to warmly thank our clients for their trust and positive feedback. 

More information on: Who’s Who Legal – Lexology  

IAM Patent 1000 – 2024 edition

We are thrilled to announce that Regimbeau has been recognized in the IAM Patent 1000 – 2024 edition in the “silver – firms prosecution” category! 

This esteemed IAM ranking highlights the world’s top patent professionals and law firms for their distinctive expertise in intellectual property.  

A huge congratulations to our managing partners, Frédérique Faivre Petit, Jean-Robert Callon De Lamarck, and Emmanuelle Levy, who have been honored as recommended individuals among the world’s leading #patent professionals.  

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients for their trust and support.  

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Interview of Frédérique Durieux by Option Droit & Affaires 

Frédérique Durieux, Partner at Regimbeau and representative before the UPC, has been interviewed by Options Droit et Affaires, a specialized legal and financial news magazine for legal and business professionals.  

In this interview, Frédérique Durieux discusses patent litigation, highlighting initial observations since the coming into force of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) on June 1, 2023.    

This supranational jurisdiction is competent to handle disputes regarding European patents, offering a broader framework and accelerated procedures for patent owners and third parties.   

The UPC represents a significant step forward for patent litigation on a European scale, unifying and accelerating procedures, with broader legal and economic implications.  However, its tight deadlines require large teams to work on each case.  

This is precisely the purpose of the Gide x Regimbeau – Patent Litigation alliance which brings together Lawyers specialized in patent litigation and Patent Attorneys, covering all technical fields, to provide our clients with an increasingly integrated service of very high quality. 

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International Day for Biodiversity – May 22, 2024  

Regimbeau celebrates International Biodiversity Day!  

Every year on this date, we celebrate the adoption of the text of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on May 22, 1992.  

On December 19, 2023, the “Plan for Biodiversity” campaign to communicate and promote the 4 goals and 23 targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was launched worldwide. 

Many countries, some of which have already been working towards these goals for a long time, are “getting moving” to move from agreement to action.  

This day is an opportunity to encourage you to gain a better understanding of the measures put in place in different countries to control access to their natural resources, in order to protect nature and share equitably the benefits arising from the use of these resources.   

Regimbeau is closely following this theme and can help you to take stock of the relevant provisions for your projects involving natural resources.   

The theme of this year’s 2024 Day is “Contribute to the Plan”! So don’t wait to contact us and let’s work together to make your projects flourish while preserving nature.  

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World Intellectual Property Day – April 26, 2024

Every year on April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. This day was first instituted in 2001 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to highlight and explain the role played by intellectual property rights in promoting innovation and creativity. 

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Intellectual Property and the Sustainable Development Goals: building our common future through innovation and creativity”. 

It is an opportunity to highlight how #IntellectualProperty encourages sustainable solutions and plays a crucial role in the creation of environmentally-friendly technologies and practices. It encourages innovation and creativity, and helps stimulate investment in these activities. It is a true instrument for human progress. 

Together, let’s cultivate an ecosystem where creativity can flourish and innovative ideas can contribute to a better world for all. 

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International Book and Copyright Day – April 23, 2024

Packaging, logos, molds, advertising campaigns, conferences, musical compositions, illustrations, websites, software, databases, …. Copyright covers all original creations that reflect the personality of their author(s). 

Copyright is acquired without the need for formal registration. Protection arises solely from the creation of the work, whatever its genre, merit or purpose. 

Although no filing formalities are required for copyright to be granted, to be protected a work must meet the condition of originality. Originality is assessed when the work bears “the stamp of its author’s personality”. 

Despite this lack of formalism, it is necessary to build up evidence that cumulatively establishes the link between the author, the work and the date of creation. This can be done by various means, including time-stamping. 

In addition, copyright comprises both economic and moral attributes: 

  • Moral rights: The author’s moral rights include, for example, the right to respect and integrity of his work, and to oppose any distortion and/or mutilation of it. The author can also withdraw the work from the market or rework it. You can thus oppose any use that would distort your work, or claim that your name be mentioned(authorship). This moral right is perpetual, imprescriptible and inalienable. You cannot, therefore, assign it. 

  • Economic rights: Economic rights include the right of reproduction(physical fixation of the work on a medium), the right of representation(communication of the work) and the right of adaptation(change of color, format, medium, translation, etc.). These rights are transferable and granted for a defined period: up to 70 years after the death of the author, or 70 years from disclosure for collective works(belonging to a legal entity). 

As a matter of principle, the individual author holds the copyright to his work. As a result, he or she can control any use made of the work by third parties, and receive any associated remuneration. 

Copyrights add value to your company and give you a significant competitive edge. 

In combination with other intellectual property assets such as trademarks and designs, they are a valuable asset. 

Regimbeau has particular expertise in copyright, and can offer you a comprehensive range of services to secure, evaluate and exploit your intellectual property assets. 

World Creativity and Innovation Day – April 21, 2024

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated every year on April 21. The aim of this day is to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. 

Creativity expresses itself in many ways, from artistic expression (music, drawing, dance, literature, etc….) to the discovery of solutions in many fields, whether scientific, economic, social or even sustainable development. 

To mark this day, Regimbeau would like to pay tribute to all the inventive minds who have shaped history with their inventions! 

New discoveries, revolutionary solutions, unique designs…   

Find out more about the inventors featured in the video: 

  • Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen: discovery of X-rays 
  • Louis Pasteur: inventor of pasteurization 
  • Marie Curie: discovery of the radioactive elements radium and polonium. 
  • Anthony Carlisle: decomposition of water by electric current 
  • Hermann Nernst: invention of the electric lamp with a metal filament. This lamp, which succeeded lamps with a carbon filament, was a precursor of today’s incandescent lamps. 
  • Fritz Haber: patented the synthesis of ammonia, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918. 
  • Rudolf Diesel: inventor of the internal combustion engine that bears his name, designed not to run on diesel but on vegetable oils. 
  • Gutenberg: inventor of movable type printing. 
  • Louis Cartier: inventor of the modern wristwatch. 
  • Joseph & Étienne de Montgolfier: invention of the hot-air balloon in 1783. 
  • Albert Einsitein: theorized the interchangeability of energy and mass, invented the ultrasensitive voltmeter, special relativity, Avogadro’s number, 
  • Louis & Auguste Lumières: invention of the cinematograph. 
  • Karl Ereky: founding father of biotechnology. 
  • Antoine lavoisier: discovery of oxidation. 
  • Gabriel Fahrenheit: invention of the modern mercury thermometer. 
  • Ibn al-Haytham: It was in the Middle Ages, in Arab-Muslim societies, that a new concept emerged: the light beam is independent of the human eye. The great Arab scholar in this field was Ibn al-Haytham, better known as Alhazen. He has been called the “father of optics”. He habitually confirmed his hypotheses through experimentation, making him a forerunner in the application of the scientific method.  
  • Katherine Johnson: She’s one of the scientists behind the equations describing the trajectory of an orbital space flight. Indispensable for bringing the first men to land on the moon back to Earth! 
  • Ada Lovelace: pioneer of computer science, known for having produced the first real computer program, while working on an ancestor of the computer: Charles Babbage’s analytical machine. 
  • Grace Hopper: computer scientist who led to the invention of the first compiler and the creation of the Cobol language. 
  • Claude Beck: pioneering cardiac surgeon, famous for innovating various cardiac surgery techniques and performing the first defibrillation in 1947. 
  • Hedy Lamarr: During the Second World War, she devised a device to help the Allies during naval battles. She imagined a system in which the torpedo’s transmitter and receiver would continually change radio frequencies to prevent hacking by the German army. She invented frequency hopping. Today, this device is at the origin of wifi and Bluetooth. 
  • Louis Braille: inventor of Braille, a universal writing system for the visually impaired 
  • René Laënnec: inventor of the first stethoscope. 
  • Granville T. Woods: This African-American inventor holds more than 50 patents! An engineer, he was instrumental in improving the railroad and communication between stations thanks to “Telegraphony”. He also invented the steam boiler furnace, the electric railroad, the automatic air brake, the telephone transmitter, the electromechanical brake, railway telegraphy, the induction telegraph system, the overhead control system for electric railroads, tunnel construction for electric railroads, the electrifying battery and the parabolic antenna!  
  • Buckminster Fuller: American architect, inventor, designer and futurist best known for his invention of the geodesic dome. Fuller also invented the Dymaxion car, a lightweight, aerodynamic and fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle. He also designed a number of other structures, including the Dymaxion House, a prefabricated house that was built in the 1930s. 
  • Elisabeth Magie: inventor of the world-famous board game Monopoly. 
  • Anthony Bajada: inventor of the can
  • Nicolas Appert: inventor of appertization, a method of preserving food by heat sterilization in hermetically sealed containers, more commonly known as canning. 
  • Eileen Gray: Irish designer and architect. She is best known for incorporating luxurious lacquer finishes on Art Deco furniture, then moving on to International Style tubular steel furniture in the 1920s. In the architectural field, she is famous for creating Villa E-1027 (1929) with Jean Badovici, a free interpretation of modernist architecture. 

Managing IP’s EMEA Awards 2024 ceremony – London on April, 11 

We are pleased to announce that Regimbeau received an award as Europe Cross-Border Patent Litigation Team of the Year from Managing IP for its work on the Bristol-Myers Squibb (Apixaban) against generics matter with Gide Loyrette Nouel.  

Anne Boutaric and Marie Audren attended Managing IP’s EMEA Awards 2024 ceremony in London on April,11 to represent Regimbeau and receive the award.  

It recognizes the in-house teams, firms, individuals and companies behind the most innovative and ambitious IP work of the past year, as well as those at the forefront of the international market. 

We would like to thank our clients for their trust and the Gide x Regimbeau  – Patent Litigation team for their hard work.  

On the Meril Italy Case :

  • Gide : Emmanuel Larere, Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier, Carole-Anne Bauer, Luca Chevallier and Ludivine Meissirel-Marquot
  • Regimbeau : Jean-Robert Callon de Lamarck, Anne Seibel, Aurélien Grimberg and Julien Guesnier

On the Bristol-Myers Squibb Case :

  • Gide : Emmanuel Larere, Raphaelle Dequiré-Portier, partners, Julie Pailhès, counsel and Célia Révy
  • Regimbeau : Anne Boutaric and Emmanuelle Levy, partners, Margaux Beretta.

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Go Entrepreneurs with CNCPI – April, 4

Katia Pouilly, Head of the Contracts, Valuation & Data Department, will be present at the Go Entrepreneurs trade show on Thursday April 4 at Paris La Défense Aréna.  

This event gathers entrepreneurs and professionals for a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas and experiences.   

The program includes conferences, exhibitions and #networking to discover innovative business trends, listen to leading experts and exchange insights with the entrepreneurial community.  

Come and meet Katia at the CNCPI stand representing Industrial Property Attorneys.  

Their missions: Assist companies, associations, individuals (…) in the creation/structuring of their intellectual property rights, their protection, exploitation, protection and valorization. 

 More information on : Go Entrepreneurs 2024 – 3 et 4 avril – Paris La Défense Arena ( 

EPO Patent Index 2023

The latest data from the European Patent Office (EPO) for the year 2023 is now available, revealing some interesting trends in technological innovation.  

In 2023, three sectors stood out for their dynamism: digital communications, medical technologies and IT.   

The fastest-growing technology sectors were machinery and electricity, digital communications and biotechnology. 

This trend highlights the growing importance of innovation in key areas such as electricity generation and management, smart machines and biotechnological advances.  

At Regimbeau, we are proud to have a team of highly qualified specialists with expertise in all aspects of these quickly evolving sectors. Whether you are looking for patent protection, intellectual property advice or assistance in optimizing your patent portfolio, our team is ready to advise you.  

Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and personalized advice!  

For more information, please consult the full Patent Index 2023 report available on the EPO website:  

Leaders League – 2024 Ranking 

Regimbeau has once again been ranked “Leading” and “Excellent” by Décideurs Magazine in its 2024 rankings of French IP law firms.  

Regimbeau is particularly distinguished by its ranking as “Leading” in the following categories:   

  • Patents (general)  
  • Physics, Mechanics and Construction patents 
  • Chemistry, Biotech & Life Sciences patents   

In addition, it is rated “Excellent” in the following categories:  

  • Electronic Telecommunications Patent & New Technologies  
  • Trademarks, Designs & Models  

We would like to warmly thank our clients for their support and congratulate all our teams for their hard work!  

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INTA Annual Meeting 2024 – from May 18 to May 22, 2024 – Atlanta, USA 

Sylvain Thivillier, Emmanuelle Levy, Isabelle Thill, Olivier Prats and and Julie Brun will attend the next annual conference of the International Trademark Association (INTA) which will be held in Atlanta (USA) from May 18 to 22, 2024.  

If you would like to meet Regimbeau team, please contact us at the dedicated email address  

We are available to help you arrange an appointment. 

For more information, please visit 

JUVE Patent – 2024 Rankings

Juve Patent, a reference platform specialized in the European patent market, has recently published its annual ranking of the best patent practitioners in Europe for 2024.  

This year, Regimbeau has once again been ranked among the top firms in France in the “Patent filing” category.   

Moreover, Stéphanie Massin Celaire and Emmanuelle Levy are named as “Recommended individuals” in the “Patent attorneys with technical specialty” category for their technical expertise in “Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology”. 

Regimbeau is also recommended in the following categories: 

  • Pharma and biotechnology 
  • Medical technology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Digital communication and computer technology 
  • Mechanics, process and mechanical engineering 

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Trade show “Franchise Expo Paris 2024” – Monday, March 18

Katia Pouilly and Marion Jouy will be present at Franchise Expo Paris 2024 on Monday March 18, at Porte de Versailles in Paris.   

This event, organized by Infopro Digital and supported by the Fédération Française de la Franchise, attracts over 30,000 people interested in franchising each year, including employees, shopkeepers, investors and business creators. The show trade also brings over 600 French and international exhibitors together.   

Our experts will be available to meet you and exchange ideas.   

You can contact us if you have any questions on these subjects.  

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Gender Equality Index 2024

Every year, companies with over 50 employees must have calculated and published their gender equality index.  

The Corporate Gender Equality Index is a major tool for assessing and promoting gender equity in the workplace.   

Stemming from the Professional Future Act of September 5, 2018, this index aims to raise awareness and improve parity within companies.  

This year, Regimbeau obtained a score of 74/100. This score encourages us to enhance our commitment by defining corrective measures in favor of professional equality between women and men. 

International Women’s Rights Day – March, 8  

To celebrate International Women’s Rights Day, we are proud to highlight Regimbeau’s team of female partners, who embody excellence and creativity in the field of intellectual property.  

Committed to diversity, Regimbeau has always favored an approach based on merit. It is one of the first French IP firms to have a majority of women on its board of directors. 

Regimbeau’s partners are not only leaders in their field, they are also inspiring role models for current and future generations.  

Regimbeau at Cobrandz – April 4 and 5, 2024  

Regimbeau will be present at the Cobrandz trade show on April 4 and 5, at the Grande Crypte in Paris.   

This B-to-B event, focused on brands, explores various themes such as cobranding, collaboration, copyright and licensing. It will be attended by over 1,000 brands, offering a platform for enriching exchanges through conferences, roundtables and stands.  

Martine Bloch-Weill, Managing Partner, and Marion Jouy, Intellectual Property lawyer, will be Regimbeau’s ambassadors at the event, ready to engage with participants.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting at the tradeshow.  

More information on:  

EPI Webinar –  Webinar on patent litigation in France: specificities of national procedures and future prospects in the light of the UPC – March, 20

Regimbeau is thrilled to announce an EPI webinar led by Sylvain Thivillier, a seasoned expert in patent litigation, on March 20th, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

This webinar entitled “Webinar on patent litigation in France: specificities of national procedures and future prospects in the light of the UPC” will provide an opportunity to discover and explore the key aspects of patent litigation in France and the impact of the introduction of the UPC (Unified Patent Court).   

For more information:  epi | Webinar on Patent litigation in France: specifics for national proceedings and a future prospect in light of the UPC ( 

WTR1000 – Ranking 2024

We are proud to announce that Regimbeau has once again been ranked “Gold” by the World Trademark Review in its WTR 1000 ranking in France for 2024.   

Recognition of our ongoing commitment to excellence in intellectual property.    

According to the WTR1000, “Regimbeau prides itself on its ability to continuously find innovative solutions for its customers. The firm’s business-minded and strategic approach to trademark prosecution continues to win it new matters from global and local brands alike.”  

Congratulations to Isabelle Thill, Partner, who has also been individually nominated. According to WTR, ” She takes a tailored approach to her clientele, offering tactics finely attuned to their business needs. With 25 years in the industry, Thill has a keen sense of how to extract the most value out of companies’ intellectual assets.” 

We would like to sincerely thank our clients and partners for their support. We are also grateful to our teams, whose professionalism and expertise are key to our success. 

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.   

A resolution of the UN General Assembly, adopted in 2015, made every February 11 the day to celebrate and recognize the contribution that women make to science.  

This day is an opportunity for Regimbeau to highlight the women of its teams whose mission is to accompany scientific innovation through intellectual property’s world. 

2023 Client Satisfaction Survey

We are pleased to present the results of our recent client satisfaction survey! 

91% of our clients are satisfied with our services 

93% of our clients are willing to entrust us with new cases 

These results are the outcome of a successful collaboration with our clients and the commitment of our teams.  

Thank you for your trust. 

They also reflect the values we have upheld for several years now:  

·     Fostering creativity in the solutions we provide for our clients 

·     Promoting the high level of skills of our teams  

·     Promoting collaboration both among our teams and with our clients.

·     Encouraging long-term relationships of trust with our clients 

 We are committed to maintaining this level of excellence and taking on new challenges together in 2024!

The GNIPA – October 26, in Istanbul

Jérôme Collin will represent FICPI in the 2023 Summit of the Global Network of National IP Practitioner Associations in Istanbul, on october, 26. 

For more informations, visit  

The FICPI Leadership Team – October, 17 in Munich 

Jérôme Collin will be part of the FICPI leadership team who will meet the President and the leadership team of the EPO in Munich on October,17. 

As FICPI Special Reporter on SPLH, he will intervent on substantive patent law harmonization during this meeting.  

For more informations, visit:  

EPI Seminar – October 18, 2023 – Munich  

Sylvain Thivillier will be taking part as a speaker at the EPI seminar on October 18, from 9am to 5pm, in Munich. 

This one day EPI seminar will focus on infringement by equivalence in the main EPC jurisdictions, and will consider case law both in the mechanical and chemical field.  

For more information, visit 

La Matinale Valorial – September 26, 2023  

Barbara Casadewall and Caroline Huguet-Braun will be present at La Matinale Valorial on September 26, from 9am to 1pm, in Rennes. 

They will present Regimbeau’s services in intellectual property for companies in the bioeconomy and agri-food innovation sector. 

For more information: 

NutrEvent – 17 and 18 October 2023 – Rennes  

Barbara Casadewall and Caroline Huguet-Braun will be representing Regimbeau at NutrEvent 2023, on October 17 and 18, in Rennes.  

NutrEvent is Europe’s leading event for innovation in human and animal nutrition.  It offers a privileged opportunity to connect with international partners for your R&D projects.    

To find out more, visit  

Medicen Day – September 26th, 2023  

Regimbeau will be present at Medicen Day, the annual event for the Paris region’s healthcare innovation network, on Tuesday September 26 in Paris!  

Anne-Laure Deleuze and Nicolas Bouquin will be present to discuss the issue of intellectual property in the field of healthcare innovation in a short talk entitled “IA & Inventions: protect yourself!” 

For more information: 

Webinar Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation – September 21, 2023 

Franck Delamer and Sylvain Chaffraix will be participating in a webinar organized by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation on September 21.   

Our experts will discuss the regulations on the use of data and its intellectual property rights in agriculture.  

More specifically, they will discuss the various ways of protecting innovation and data in machine learning, and will explain the Data Act and its impact. 

To take part in the webinar, visit 

Who’s Who Legal 2023

Who’s Who Legal has announced the results of its 2023 review of leading patent & trademark attorneys. Regimbeau is pleased to announce the national and international nomination of Jean-Robert Callon de Lamarck, Jérôme Collin, Marie Audren, Stéphanie Massin Célaire, Emmanuel Potdevin and Thomas Moisand in the “patents” category, and Martine Bloch-Weill in the “trademarks” category.