Aeronautics, Defence and Space : securing your innovations and staying one step ahead

Whether you are a major manufacturer, an equipment supplier, a research centre, an SME or a start-up, Regimbeau has specialised teams at your disposal to help you build up a solid industrial property portfolio, thus allowing you to secure your innovations and remain one step ahead.

Maintaining your technological lead by protecting and promoting your innovations and know-how.

Launching a new product? Planning on entering a new market abroad? Looking to buy out another company?

These crucial stages in the life of your company raise intellectual property issues that are closely linked to your business challenges. Intellectual property allows you to validate and secure your financial, human and marketing investments in new targets, new developments and new markets.

Regimbeau assists you at every stage of your development. We analyse your goals and recommend appropriate solutions. We conduct preliminary interviews to listen to your specific needs and understand your strategic priorities, and then draw up an action plan to protect your rights and manage your risks.

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your innovations and creations

  • Protecting your innovations: working hand in hand with your experts in order to define the most appropriate strategy to protect your innovations.
  • Filing patent applications: ensuring that when preparing these patent applications, inventions are presented in a way that allows the patentability to be effectively defended.
  • Defending your patent applications before patent offices in France and abroad, in key countries for your activities.
  • Protecting your trademarks, designs and domain names in all your markets
  • Attack and defence oppositions
  • Pre-litigation, seizure for infringement
  •  Litigation
  • Freedom to operate studies
  • Strategic watch
  • Strategy & Counselling on the valuation of your assets 
  • Licence negotiations
  • Patent portfolio audit
  • Trademarks, models and domain names portfolio audit
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiation & Drafting of contracts with partners (Licences, Co-ownerships, Assignments, etc.)
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