Cosmetics : meeting the demands of your market and staying one step ahead

Regimbeau has been working hand in hand with innovative cosmetic companies with renowned brands for several decades, and has acquired extensive experience in the field of Intellectual Property applied to this highly competitive sector.

Helping you in maintaining your competitive edge in an ever-changing market.

In the cosmetics sector, your industrial property strategy must be part of your global strategy in the race to innovate, with strong requirements for responsible innovations (environment, channels, standards, solvents, locally-grown plants, sourcing), respectful of biodiversity and in line with your marketing plan.  

Regimbeau has a team of expert chemists, biochemists and phytochemists in the fields of cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics, aesthetics and hygiene: skin ageing, photoprotection, skin care, skin appendage colouring, skin models, formulation control.

A dedicated team is set up for each project, based on the respective expertise and experience of our Counsels, who are aware of your challenges and constraints and will be able to assist you in securing and creating value around your projects, at each stage of their development.

We put our knowledge of your needs and our understanding of your challenges at your service to help you build and control a portfolio of assets adapted to your protection and value creation strategy. Our teams also assist you with all the issues surrounding the management of your risks, in relation to your communication, co-ownerships, inventors, partnerships, collaborations, competitors, funding bodies and investors.

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your cosmetic innovations

  • Protecting and securing your innovations rapidly and in close contact with the inventors and/or project leaders is a priority in order not to be overtaken 
  • Protecting your trademarks, designs and domain names in all your markets
  • Optimising your protection strategy is part of our mission, by defining with you where, when and in which language to protect your invention and by drawing up, if necessary, a programme of subsequent, simultaneous or defensive protection (including marketing patents). If necessary, we put together pairs of Counsels, combining their technical expertise (for example: personalised cosmetics and artificial intelligence, combination of a device and a cosmetic product) to serve your projects, however complex they are. 
  • Identifying and enhancing your know-how. Not all of your results and data are intended to be disclosed in a patent application, but they are no less valuable. Our teams will recommend an appropriate management of your know-how.
  • Controlling the chain of rights is essential to avoid any (unpleasant) surprises during an audit, assignment or concession of your assets. This may concern the ownership of rights, for example in the case of co-ownerships, collaborations or partnerships, but also any issue regarding the designation of inventors or their remuneration.
  • Audit. Whether your portfolio is audited or you wish to have a portfolio audited, our teams will be able to assist you in identifying strengths, weaknesses and other sensitive points, to assess risks and provide solutions, if necessary.
  • Monitoring. Our teams will work with you to develop the strategic and/or competitive watch to meet your specific or recurring needs. They will determine with you the level of useful information and, if necessary, the frequency of our involvement. They will adapt at any time to your changing strategies.
  • Freedom to operate: In such a competitive field, we will assist you in assessing the freedom to operate your product prior to its development or launch in relation to your competitors’ titles.
  • Pre-litigation and litigation: Whether you are the target of (pre-)litigation, litigation or opposition or you decide to assert your rights, our teams will assess each situation and the inherent risks and propose an appropriate strategy taking into account your timeframe constraints and budget. Our teams have extensive experience in seizure for infringement, opposition and appeal proceedings, both in attack and defence, as well as litigation before French and foreign courts. We also understand that it may be appropriate to shorten or defuse a dispute and our teams are able to assist you in any type of negotiation, including mediation.
  • Assessing your IP assets. Certain key stages in the life of your business will require a valuation of your IP assets (partnerships, capital raising, …). A team, specifically set up for each valuation, will be able to understand your technology, your business and your markets and will establish the value of each of your assets or group of assets.
  • Capital raising/acquisition: Our teams will be able to assist you in the event of due-diligence and allow you to present a clear and controlled strategy for the protection and management of your assets, as well as to specifically answer investors’ questions. We can also assist you in analysing the assets of a company you wish to acquire.
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