Monitoring technological, legal and commercial developments in your markets

Analysing your market through the prism of industrial property, coupled with a sound knowledge of the global context and commercial issues, provides you with an excellent tool for strategic decision-making. 

Regimbeau provides its human and technical resources so as to allow you to appreciate and anticipate future developments and to seize market opportunities.

Our approach

Keeping abreast of technological and economic developments in your sector, anticipating opportunities  

Carrying out a patent mapping on a defined sector offers you, for example, the possibility of following technological trends, identifying potential new markets, analysing the positioning of a competitor, identifying patents to be acquired, etc.

Our Strategic Watch team has acquired extensive experience in consulting patent and non-patent literature databases and in producing synthetic and visual deliverables. 

Our services can also help you to assess the short and medium-term risks in your market, to avoid infringing the rights of third parties or to anticipate legal changes affecting your intellectual property.

Continuous and operational monitoring of your market and its developments

  • Patentability study to check whether an invention meets the conditions for obtaining a patent
  • Freedom to operate for any product, device or process intended to be marketed
  • Search for prior art to a granted patent in the context of litigation or opposition
  • Industrial Property audit in view of purchases or investments in a sector
  • Economic evaluation and valuation of your IP portfolio
  • Learning about your competitors before launching your R&D project
  • Assessing and anticipating technological and commercial developments in your markets
  • Detecting and evaluating short and medium term risks and possible actions (opposition, invalidity action, negotiation, mediation)
  • Identifying legal and case law changes that may impact your IP strategy and your budgets
  • Identifying legal keys to open up to foreign markets subject to specific national rules
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