Copyright: strategic assets at the heart of your added value and development

Packaging, logos, moulds, advertising campaigns, websites, software, databases, etc.: copyrights cover all original creations bearing the personality of its author(s), which give you an advantage over your competitors and allow you to stand out. 

Our approach

Securing, valuing and leveraging your assets to maintain your competitive advantage.

These copyrights, unlike certain other intellectual property assets, belong (except for collective works) to their authors. It is therefore important to ensure that the copyright has been assigned to you by the author(s), whether they are corporate officers, trainees, employees or external service providers.

Although copyrights cannot, in France, be the subject of traditional filings, like patents and other trademarks for example, it is essential to obtain proof of their creation (sealed envelopes, APP (Agency for the Protection of Programmes) filings, Soleau envelopes, Blockchain, statements of facts, etc.).

Regimbeau’s teams have particular expertise in identifying whether the conditions relating to copyrights are met, securing them and, in particular, for the purposes of maintaining a competitive edge, anticipating disputes or exploiting them. 

Regimbeau also assists you in financially evaluating all or part of your copyrights, which can significantly increase the value of your company, and in setting up and negotiating the various agreements necessary to secure and leverage the corresponding assets.  

A comprehensive range of services, from counselling to the evaluation of your copyright

  • Carrying out a complete mapping of your company’s copyrights (audit)
  • Setting up, if necessary, agreements or clauses aiming at securing the achievements protected by copyright according to your company’s definition (assignment, licence, co-ownership rules (…))
  • Definition of the best protection, exploitation and defence strategy
  • Identification and documentation 
  • Implementation of practical measures
  • Raising awareness and training your teams
  • Methodology for the valuation of your copyrights
  • Legal, commercial and financial mapping
  • Analysis report, conclusions with supportive figures and recommendations
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