Software and data : more than an expertise, a multidisciplinary team at the service of all your challenges

Regimbeau has developed a recognised and long-standing expertise in Software and data, bringing together within multidisciplinary teams all the skills needed to master your challenges: engineers specialising in digital hardware and software technologies, legal experts in literary and artistic property, and personal data specialists. 

Using our IP know-how to build your protection and enhancement strategy.

In an era of digitisation, teleworking and connected objects, software technologies and data have become an essential component of current innovations. 

A characteristic of this sector is that it draws on all the subjects of Intellectual Property, from copyright to patents, including designs and GDPR regulations. The strategies for protecting these assets therefore call on all technical and legal skills of Industrial Property Counsels, more than in any other field. 

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your digital innovations

  • Identifying the legal tools adapted to the protection of your digital innovations: Our teams, drawing on their expertise in the technologies underpinning your innovations, will be able to assist you in selecting the protection strategies adapted to your markets and your budgets. 
  • Using all resources of patent law to obtain strong protection for your software: contrary to popular belief, patent protection is possible and effective in the field of software, and our experts will know how to best transcribe your invention in order to meet the specific requirements of this protection method. 
  • Protecting your Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations: whether you are a developer of innovative solutions or a designer of applications implementing AI technologies in your fields, our teams are well acquainted with these technologies and applications and will be able to support you throughout the value chain.
  • Enforcing your IP rights related to your software: we can assist you in detecting an infringement of your acquired IP rights related to your software by using, in particular, the mechanisms for obtaining evidence made available by the French Intellectual Property Code 
  • Negotiating the licenses covering your software: whether for the development of your software or for its exploitation, it is important to work on the corresponding licenses to ensure that you can freely exploit your software developments and that you can control the exploitation of your software by others  
  • “Compliant by Design”: With the implementation of the GDPR, the compliance of systems with obligations relating to data use must be based on both a legal and technical analysis of the technologies and processes implemented.  Our teams of engineers and lawyers are familiar with these multidisciplinary issues and will be able to secure your projects from the design stage to the signing of contracts, including compliance audits. 
  • Securing and enhancing the value of your digital assets through contracts: contracts are an essential tool for securing your ownership of software and data developed and collected in increasingly open and collaborative environments. Exploiting these assets also requires licences, co-ownership or collaboration contracts adapted to the specific business models of the digital services economy.  Our lawyers are experts in these issues, which they handle in close collaboration with our IP engineers. 
  • Assessing the value of your data and information systems: Our experts in the valuation of intangible assets have concrete and proven experience in the valuation of data, software and more generally information systems. We can assist you in assessing a loss relating to these assets, establishing a licence rate and determining a purchase or sale price.
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