360° IP Audit - Revealing your assets' value

Our 360° audit provides a clear and comprehensive view of your company’s intangible assets, whether known or not, and the benefits you can derive from them. 

Our approach

Identifying and revealing the full potential of your intangible capital

Industrial property assets (your innovations and creations) are major strategic assets and key success factors for your company. They keep you ahead of your competition. They also enhance the value of your company and can in some cases be a direct source of revenue. They must therefore be incorporated into your business model.

A 360° audit allows you, in particular, to highlight elements of your company’s value to potential investors and to have a clear and complete overview of your IP (different IP assets and their possible uses).

In addition, we identify new levers to be used in relation to your competition. We project an image outside the company that fully promotes your innovation and act internally to foster a common awareness of its benefits.

Identifying, structuring and enhancing the value of all your assets

  • Overview of assets: existing and missing
  • Potential new filings 
  • Estimating the value of your existing assets 
  • Estimating both risks involved and the loss of income represented by assets that are not held
  • Standing out and keeping the competition at bay
  • Externally, an image that reflects your R&D 
  • Within your company, a common awareness of the benefits of IP and innovation
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