Start-ups and scale-ups: supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their development

Thanks to its expertise and its teams working on all strategic IP aspects, Regimbeau supports young companies at each key stage of their development, regardless of their business sector.

Our approach

Building and implementing your long-term IP strategy with turnkey solutions

Regimbeau helps young companies structure their intangible capital and develop a long-term IP strategy and policy, thanks to an understanding of their technological, legal and competitive environment.

Based on its experience with numerous entrepreneurs, Regimbeau provides a tailor-made offer dedicated to start-ups and scale-ups, with turnkey solutions adapted to your needs. You benefit from high value-added strategic counselling thanks to the flexibility of a dedicated team within a leading IP structure. 

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Revealing, protecting and advising you in the construction of your intangible capital

  • You are starting your company: how do you protect your logo/company name/brand(s)? How do you comply with the RGPD?
  • You are launching a new product: We make sure you don’t infringe a competitor’s rights.
  • You have a project to promote/protect: what strategy? Which markets? What competition?
  • How do you talk to potential partners? What arrangements should be made for your employee inventors?
  • You need financing: how do you talk to investors? Which grants are available? What is the value of your IP assets?
  • You’re starting to export: Regimbeau supports you in protecting your products in your target markets.
  • Have you already identified innovations, creations and know-how in your company, but have not yet protected them? We can advise you on your IP protection strategy.
  • Have you already filed a patent or trademark application? We can help you strengthen existing protection and advise you on possible extensions.
  • Would you like to keep abreast of competitive developments in your market? We’ll work with you to set up a technological, legal and commercial watch.
  • Do you have a tight budget? We’re used to adapting to our customers’ stage of development. We adapt our offers and help you  identify grants for which you are eligible, reconcile medium- and long-term investments with short-term budget constraints.
  • We help you prioritize actions to fit your budget timeline
  • For more informations: Managing your budget
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