NFTs : A new asset for your company ?

Do you have questions about the emergence of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? Are you curious about the benefits of entering this market? Do you wonder if this is really relevant to you? NFTs are a hot topic… and rightly so! Entering this new market can have a major impact on your visibility and with regard to your main competitors.

Define and implement an IP strategy integrating the use of NFTs.

NFTs are digital goods to which physical objects (works of art, luxury products, etc.) or digital objects (images, videos, audio files, tweets, etc.) are associated. They are therefore used in various fields and markets, such as art, video games, events, sports, fashion, music, insurance, etc.

While it is true that we hear a lot about NFTs in the context of speculation on their market value due to their unique nature and the huge sums of money involved in certain transactions, NFTs can also be of real interest to your company.

For example, because of their unique nature and their traceability, NFTs constitute a relevant means of proof, particularly with regard to the guarantee of origin of a product or the anteriority of a work or a design.

From a marketing point of view, NFTs offer an opportunity for companies to enter new markets by selling virtual replicas of their iconic products. For example, you could market your clothing products via this method, for collections or to be used in a video game in order to dress a character in virtual worlds such as metaverses.

Regimbeau’s teams can assist you in defining and implementing an industrial property strategy incorporating the use of NFTs and help you to get to grips with this new concept.

Our interventions

Identify, defend and secure your NFTs and position yourself on your markets

  • Analysing the possibility of integrating NFTs into your business activities 
  • Assessing your industrial property needs through an audit of your portfolio
  • Assisting you in establishing your position in this new market and developing a new community
  • Acting against NFTs potentially infringing your rights 
  • Organising your evidence of use in the metaverse
  • Planning and drafting contractual clauses specific to NFTs
  • Integrating your projects involving NFTs into your more global industrial property policy
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