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Sharing knowledge has always been our mission. This is why we have been investing heavily in information technology and collective intelligence for almost thirty years and offering innovative online services to our clients.

Online Services and Collaborative Solutions

Sharing and collaborating in real time to keep a clear view of your assets

Online Services and Collaborative Solutions

A global and personalised view of your IP portfolio online

IPRING gives you online access to your patent, trademark, design and domain name portfolio. IPRING gives you a clear and personalised overview of your portfolio. The portal helps you keep track of your procedural details and gives you access to documentation for each case.

Collaborative Platform

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You need to access your information in a simple and secure way. We provide a secure platform for file exchange, including data rooms. A video conferencing system is also integrated into this system.

Time Stamping

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You need to prove the date of creation of a document or to certify legal deadlines. Regimbeau offers you a time-stamping solution to certify the date and prove the anteriority of a document.

Evaluation tools and decision support
Evaluation tools and decision support

Evaluating and measuring value to help you make informed decisions

Validation of a European patent

Get a quick and accurate estimation of the costs of validating your European patent.

You wish to have easy access to clear information about your competitors’ intellectual property.

The Strategic Watch application makes it simple to share information about portfolio status, competitive intelligence, and procedure monitoring, and provides you with the necessary guidance to adapt your strategy and take concrete action.

You wish to have customized estimates at your fingertips, allowing you to define your geographic coverage strategies and simultaneously take your budget into consideration.

This online budget simulation tool allows you, with the help of your patent attorney, to create your scenarios for the PCT phase and to share and validate your decisions with your teams before sending us your instructions.

You are looking for comprehensive and concise reports on the deadlines and costs associated with the renewal of your trademarks.

Our tool allows you to simplify your decision-making process with your teams and to interact with us to confirm your instructions for the maintenance or abandonment of your trademarks.

Standardisation and productivity

Standardizing IP data to prepare for process automatisation

Regimbeau is committed to the development of new synergies between all intellectual property players.

Regimbeau invests in standardization to facilitate the exploitation of intellectual property information and to create innovative services.

Regimbeau is a founding member of EDIPI.org, an association for the promotion of standardized Electronic Data Interchange for Intellectual Property, of which Marc Levieils is Chairman.

Regimbeau initiated the drafting of the AFNOR NF X50-276 standard, which facilitates the exchange of IP data between IP players.

Regimbeau is involved in the standardization of innovation management (NF ISO 56000) and participated in the drafting of the NF ISO 56005 standard on intellectual property management tools and methods.

Regimbeau is involved in the standardization of the financial valuation of intellectual property rights and participated in the drafting of the NF ISO 10668 and ISO 20 671 standards on the monetary and non-monetary valuation of a trademark.