Defending your rights and protecting your market

With extensive experience in litigation, Regimbeau’s teams can help you protect your market by fighting against acts of infringement which could lead to loss of revenue and damage your image.  

Our approach

Exploring the range of protection strategies to effectively secure your market

Once your assets are effectively protected by intellectual property rights, it is important to monitor and ensure that no one copies your creations without your consent. In the event of an infringement of your rights, Regimbeau will assist you and advise you on the best defence strategy.

In addition to defending your rights, Regimbeau also offers the opportunity to explore other strategies such as opposition, licensing or joint venture negotiations for the benefit of its clients. 

Regimbeau also provides a full range of tools to address the most complex IP issues at European level.

Ensuring the defence of your rights and your market in all its forms

Regimbeau brings its technical and legal expertise to the preparation and management of litigation before French courts. Our teams also coordinate multi-jurisdictional litigation, thanks to our relationships with excellent law firms around the world. 

Regimbeau’s patent attorneys have built up a strong litigation practice, leveraging the technical and legal expertise of the teams working on complex cases. This dual expertise is recognized and rewarded by the best national and international industrial property rankings.

Regimbeau has established an alliance with Gide, creating one of Europe’s leading partnerships in patent litigation between specialist lawyers and patent attorneys. Our common ambition is to offer our clients an increasingly integrated service of the highest quality, covering all aspects of French and European (UPC) patent litigation. > Find out more

Opposition proceedings remain the best way to have a patent cancelled or limited in all designated member states of the European Patent Convention. 

Regimbeau’s teams assist and represent their French and foreign clients when they wish to oppose a patent or when their patents are opposed. This includes conducting oral proceedings before the EPO and appeal proceedings.

Intellectual property mediation is a very effective, quick and cost-effective way to resolve disputes. It also preserves the relationship between parties and ensures the confidentiality of the dispute, thus protecting the brand image and reputation. > More information on our experienced team of Mediators

Regimbeau has extensive knowledge of all tools to fight infringement and ensures that you are fully protected. 

In the event of suspected infringement, we can assist you in carrying out a seizure for infringement procedure with a bailiff. Regimbeau can also ensure that counterfeit products are detained at customs. 

In the event of a dispute, our teams will assist you in setting up a comprehensive defence strategy.

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