Transport and Logistics : capitalising on your innovations to meet the challenges of the century.

Our knowledge of the transport and logistics sectors is an asset that allows us to understand your issues and makes Regimbeau a privileged partner to assist you in your transformation challenges and issues.

Tackling your sectoral challenges together and transforming your intangible capital into a growth lever.

Reconciling the need for mobility of goods and people with economic and climate issues is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Innovation is at the heart of this transformation, to meet several fundamental challenges.

In terms of energy, one challenge is to limit or even abandon thermal energy in favour of renewable and less polluting energy.

In urban environments, mobility is becoming multimodal with flexible offers, involving shared mobility, self-service vehicles, autonomous means of transport, etc.

These new challenges are also being integrated into the debate on logistics. The rise of online orders for everyday consumer goods and services means that delivery management methods must be agile.

The supply of raw materials and spare parts to companies is fundamental. Crisis situations, whether related to health or politics, reveal the need to find new solutions that guarantee sustainable supplies. 

Marketing innovation is also a strength that allows you to be identified and chosen in these highly competitive and constantly changing markets.

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your innovations and creations

  • Identifying your creations and innovations
  • Securing your R&D and marketing investments by conducting research and negotiating agreements
  • Registering and deploying your portfolio of assets
  • Verifying that you own the rights
  • Identifying where their value should reside
  • Monitoring competitors 
  • Taking action to keep the competition at bay
  • Maintaining and enforcing your rights
  • Negotiating agreements prohibiting or limiting third party use in your market
  • Managing your communication
  • Strategy & Counselling on the valuation of your assets 
  • Assistance in negotiating licensing agreements in France and abroad
  • Audit of patent, trademark and design portfolios
  • Due diligence
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