Exploiting your rights & generate revenue

Regimbeau’s teams of legal experts and Industrial Property Attorneys will assist you in the negotiation and drafting of your agreements, as well as in the valuation of your intangible assets.

Our approach

Defining the precise scope and extent of your operating strategy and agreements

In addition to protecting your creations, obtaining industrial property titles allows you to increase your credibility, establish partnerships and generate new revenue. 

Depending on the context and your goals, Regimbeau can assist you in defining the best commercial strategy for the exploitation of your assets. 

Initiating partnerships (licensing, transfer of assets, co-ownership, etc.) can help you make your investments profitable, expand your business, particularly internationally, and generate new revenue.

In order to promote the success of various possible partnerships, it is essential to raise the relevant questions beforehand, to be aware of the limits that you wish to establish with your partners and to specify the needs of each party by drawing up tailor-made contracts.

Fully exploiting your rights and securing your collaborations

  • Asset acquisition/disposal, technology transfer and asset valuation
  • Operating agreements: development, collaboration, research, subcontracting, licensing, distribution, co-ownership, etc.
  • Partnership agreements, FPs, asset creation
  • Drafting of preparatory agreements: confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, service contracts, etc. 
  • Assistance in the negotiation of licence and franchise agreements, in France and abroad
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