Trademarks: Standing out, increasing revenue and leveraging brand awareness to ensure durability

Every company has its own DNA, embodied in its brand, made up of identifiable and memorable elements. A strong, unique and distinctive brand anchors your company in the minds of consumers and customers and adds value to your products.

Our approach

A protection strategy drawn up from all angles: technical, legal, economic and marketing

Successfully creating a strong brand identity means protecting and defending it to ensure that no competitor uses or imitates your image and capitalises on what you have carefully built.

Well protected, your various Trademarks also have a financial value and allow you to be better valued in certain operations, while being sources of other income (via licences for example).

Regimbeau assists you with all these issues thanks to its teams of lawyers, experts in Intellectual Property and provides you with the necessary strategic advice not only from a technical and legal point of view, but also from an economic and marketing one.

Your intellectual property strategy must be thought through holistically, as the various forms of protection must be complementary. While a Trademark protects your image, your name and those of your products and services, it is imperative to ensure that all of your company’s assets are identified in order to take full advantage of IP as a development tool.

Assisting you in the protection and enhancement of your Trademark

  • Audit of your intangible assets
  • Strategic counselling on the protection of your assets in France and abroad
  • Checking the availability of your projects
  • Validation of your projects
  • Filing of your Industrial Property titles and management of the registration procedures thanks to our worldwide network of experts
  • Management of your Trademarks portfolio, and follow-up of the procedures with the various agencies
  • Administrative and financial management of the maintenance of your rights 
  • Training and awareness regarding Industrial Property
  • Monitoring your assets and those of your competitors 
  • Counselling on the defence of your IP rights
  • Management of your trademark infringement opposition proceedings in France, in Europe (EUIPO) and in the rest of the world
  • Litigation and pre-litigation
  • Arbitrage & médiation
  • Combating unfair competition and parasitism
  • Customs detention of infringing products 
  • Confiscation of products infringing copyright
  • Strategy & counselling on the valuation of your assets 
  • Audit of your trademark, design and domain name portfolios 
  • Due diligence in the context of capital raising or M&A transactions 
  • Negotiation & Drafting of contracts with partners (Licence, Co-ownership, Assignment, etc.) 
  • Definition of a development strategy adapted to your needs and budget
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