Resolving your disputes easily through mediation

Regimbeau has a team of responsive and experienced mediators, trained to provide tailor-made services, adapt to your constraints and assist you in the event of a mediation.

Our approach

Resolving latent or actual disputes with the help of a team of experienced mediators 

Managing innovation in all its components – historical, human, contractual, political, etc. – is not without its own tensions, relational difficulties, communication problems, inter-personal misunderstandings, but also the failure to respect internal rules or legal commitments.

When certain conflicts or disputes are “underlying”, not yet established yet possible, and the question arises as to whether and how to intervene, why not consider mediation?

When conflicts or disputes are of such a magnitude that the question arises as to whether they should be brought before a court, why not consider mediation?

  • Guaranteed confidentiality: The process is completely confidential.
  • Timing and cost control: Mediation is much cheaper than going to court, and quicker.
  • Impartiality of the mediator
  • A pragmatic approach and operational solutions
  • Zero risk: Whether you are a party to a dispute or wish to settle a latent or established conflict, there are no risks involved in attempting mediation.
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