SMEs and intermediate-sized companies: Intellectual Property at the source of your value creation

You manage an SME or an intermediate-sized company. You are developing and innovating, with a view to conquering and securing new markets. You are actively seeking financing and are considering raising capital, for example. Regimbeau helps you maximise the value related to your innovation!

Our approach

Addressing your challenges with solutions adapted to your goals and budget 

Our intellectual property experts have developed specific expertise in supporting SMEs and intermediate-sized companies. We know your challenges and we put our skills at your service to support you in a transparent, reactive and concrete manner, and to implement solutions adapted to your goals and budget.

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Revealing, structuring and supporting you towards full control of your intangible capital

  • Identifying the elements of valuation of your company with potential investors 
  • Having a comprehensive and orderly vision of your IP 
  • Identifying new levers to activate in order to undertake initiatives vis-à-vis competitors
  • Identifying the gaps between what you protect and your overall strategy 
  • Aligning your IP budgets and actions accordingly, to make your innovation more effective
  • Protecting your business in the right markets with the right channels of protection
  • Giving you a head start by making IP part of your CEO’s to-do list 
  • Securing your assets 
  • Anticipating and managing risks
  • Using IP as a business asset
  • Managing and optimising your IP budget 
  • Providing you with indicators to manage your IP priorities in a quantified way 
  • Taking informed decisions to maintain or abandon your IP titles 
  • Identifying ways to best reconcile medium and long-term investments with short-term budgetary constraints 
  • Quantifying and justifying which budgets to devote to building up new IP assets
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