Patents: taking the lead, increasing revenue or securing investments: what is your goal?

When properly mastered, industrial property is abundant with concrete tools that can be used to serve your company’s strategy and become an indispensable lever to quickly meet your growth objectives.

Our approach

Managing your assets globally, efficiently and sustainably, according to your goals

Your strategic assets, a source of value for your company, can be protected in many different ways. Among the possible protections, patents are a way to secure and enhance the value of your technological innovations.  

Your industrial property strategy must integrate the development stages of your innovations, your objectives and your schedule. It must be thought out as a whole and be consistent with your company’s other assets. It must be able to be presented and explained clearly and, if necessary, defended.

Regimbeau assists you in managing your IP and in taking decisions. A dedicated consultant, expert in your business sector and experienced in the issues you may encounter, will advise you on all aspects of your innovation projects.  

Assisting you in the protection and enhancement of your Patents

  • Analysis of the patentability of your innovations and recommendations
  • Verification of third-party rights (freedom to operate), risk assessment and recommendations
  • Strategic counselling on the protection of your innovations over time, in France and abroad
  • Drafting and submission of patent applications
  • Audit of your intangible assets
  • Verification of the applicants’ copyright chain 
  • Verification of the inventors’ status
  • Management of your patent portfolio and monitoring of procedures before various agencies
  • Administrative and financial management of the maintenance of your rights
  • Budget optimisation
  • IP training and awareness
  • Litigation and pre-litigation
  • Legal and technical assessment of risk situations
  • Counselling regarding the upholding of your IP rights
  • Confiscation of works infringing copyright
  • Opposition proceedings in both attack and defence 
  • Mediation
  • Technological and competitive watch, on an ad hoc or regular basis
  • Valuation of your IP assets 
  • Valuation of third-party assets
  • Due diligence in the context of capital raising or M&A transactions
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts (Licence, Co-ownership, Assignment, Collaboration, Subcontracting…etc.)
  • Mapping 
  • Counselling on innovation support schemes
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