Managing your industrial property budget

Regimbeau assists you in reflecting on your industrial property strategy, sizing your action plan and generating value while keeping your budget under control. 

Our approach

Maintaining the profitability of your intangible capital, and viewing IP as a source of profit.

While industrial property is sometimes viewed as a cost factor only, we offer to analyse all the industrial property titles you own (patents, trademarks, etc.) and to optimise the associated expenditure in line with your business objectives.

It is indeed important to regularly reflect on the purpose of your IP assets in order to refocus, secure, deploy or dispose of some of them. This reflection should also take into account the possibility of licensing to third parties or disposing of some of your assets, which will have the effect of immediately generating revenue.

This flexibility is necessary during the growth phase to adapt your IP policy as best as possible and to support your development. It is also necessary in the event of difficulties to reconcile your medium and long-term investments with short-term budgetary constraints.

Analysing and managing your IP portfolio to ensure proper cost control

  • Analysing the costs of setting up and maintaining your IP portfolio 
  • Developing arbitration solutions according to your business development
  • Levering on budgets through the control of procedures
  • Defining performance indicators, building management charts 
  • Setting up monitoring bodies: monitoring and decisions 
  • Reconciling performance objectives and budgetary realities to quantify and justify short, medium and long-term budgets
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