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To enhance the value and security of your investments, Regimbeau assists you in fully understanding and evaluating the intellectual property assets of target companies.

Our approach

Assisting you towards the right valuation of the intangible capital of your target companies     

Drawing on its expertise working alongside numerous companies and thanks to its teams involved in all strategic aspects of IP, Regimbeau provides a tailor-made offer dedicated to investors.

Industrial property assets (innovations and creations) are major strategic assets and key factors in the success of target companies, and therefore of your investments. Not only can they set your clients apart from the competition, but in some cases they can also be a direct source of revenue, and must therefore be integrated into the business model envisaged for these companies.

Identifying the strategic and competitive strengths of your target companies

  • Identification of protected IP assets
  • Identification of the company’s valuation components (unprotected IP assets)
  • Complete and organised vision of the target company’s IP (different IP assets and their possible uses)
  • Study of the company’s external image (external communication)
  • Study of the company’s internal IP communication (how to identify creations internally, information flow, IP policy optimisation, etc.)
  • Study of competitors’ IP strategies
  • Identification of new levers to be used vis-à-vis competitors
  • Budget estimate for the maintenance of IP assets
  • Budget estimate for assets to be protected
  • Establishment of an annual IP budget
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