Identifying and securing your strategic assets

Regimbeau assists you in identifying and securing all your strategic assets, in all their diversity and in a sustainable manner.  

Our approach

Identifying priority assets and the most appropriate protection

Whether it is the name on your door or an innovative process, your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. It helps set your company apart from its competitors and can provide new sources of revenue. 

Depending on your market, business objectives, timeframe and budget, Regimbeau’s IP teams of counsels will help you identify your company’s priority assets and determine the most appropriate protection strategy.

Analysing, identifying, securing and training your teams to ensure optimal protection

Your company’s intangible assets are arguably the most valuable to your company. Your capacity for innovation, your know-how, your brands, are key advantages that need to be fostered and secured. We analyse which assets you own and what needs to be protected by filing patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, or trade secrets.

Regimbeau, a strategic partner in your development, assists you in defining the best strategy for protecting your assets in France, Europe and internationally. With a detailed knowledge of your sector and your challenges, our teams of Industrial Property Attorneys offer high value-added guidance on all technical and legal issues related to Industrial Property.

Even before investing in an R&D project, it is essential to ensure that your innovation does not infringe the rights of a third party. We conduct prior art searches to define the novelty of your solution. Similarly, our teams can assist you in analysing the criteria for patentability and in drafting the strongest possible patent application.

Whether dealing with patents or trademarks, it is not mandatory, but nevertheless important, to identify prior rights to ensure that you can properly protect and exploit your innovation or creation. Regimbeau will assist you in this process (freedom to operate, prior art search, etc.) and study the potential risks in order to provide you with the best recommendations.

With in-depth technical and legal knowledge, extensive experience and high standards, our teams ensure the quality of drafting of patent, trademark and design applications. This quality of drafting not only increases the success of applications but also ensures the successful defence of your rights in the future.

As a trusted partner in your day-to-day industrial property issues, Regimbeau makes your life easier by managing the follow-up of procedures with the offices and by anticipating the renewal procedures for your rights and the management of deadlines through structured and efficient processes.

Within the company, given the complexity of the issues related to intellectual property, we offer to train and raise awareness among your teams (inventors, marketing, legal) on various aspects.

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