Biodiversity: assisting you in achieving compliance

To assist you in this complex matter, Regimbeau’s Biodiversity team closely monitors legal developments not only in France, but also abroad thanks to its network of foreign correspondents specialised in biotechnology, and has done so for several years.

“You are lost if you forget that the fruits belongs to all, and the land to none !”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Our approach

A team of specialists at the service of the industry's players

Are you an academic researcher or a company specialising in agri-food, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, seeds, cosmetics, etc.? Do you handle or have you received genetic or biochemical resources from an animal, a plant or a micro-organism?

Then you may have to comply with the requirements of legal or regulatory provisions applicable in certain countries with regard to access and benefit-sharing (ABS), for the use of this type of resource. If so, the issuance of your IP rights may be affected locally by these provisions. 

Our team can provide you with information on the scope of these laws and advise you, if necessary, on the steps to be taken. It can also refer your questions to the relevant focal point(s) of the country or countries you are interested in.

Regimbeau regularly publishes articles on this complex subject and organises training courses and events on this topic, in Paris and other regions.

Our interventions

We follow you every step of the way to ensure continuous compliance

  • Identifying existing laws that cover your project
  • Establishing a list of questions you need to ask yourself 
  • Analysing or supporting you in analysing the status of your project
  • Helping you obtain information about ABS laws in force
  • Contacting relevant focal points
  • Providing you with documents to complete in order to facilitate the process
  • Following up on legislative developments regarding the granting of patents where the invention involves a genetic resource
  • Providing you with the appropriate documents to inform the offices requesting them, and not delaying the grant of the patent
  • Complying with the legal provisions in place to adapt the descriptions of patent applications appropriately
  • Understanding the extent to which a supplier should provide you with a guarantee
  • Drafting appropriate clauses in MTAs, when you transfer or receive a resource
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