Artificial Intelligence: Keeping ahead of your AI technologies

Regimbeau’s teams have a unique understanding of the issues related to AI and its protection, thus allowing them to assist you in identifying, securing and defending your innovations based on machine and deep learning, in Europe and internationally. 

Our approach

Understanding the complexity of your algorithms to ensure their full exploitation

In 1997, a computer managed to beat the reigning world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, for the first time. At the time, this victory was a concrete sign of the superiority of machines over humans in performing certain complex tasks.

However, artificial intelligence was still in its early stages at the time. Since then, the rise of computers has enabled a new generation of algorithms to emerge: algorithms that mimic the workings of the human brain and have the ability to learn. In 2017, AlphaZero became the world’s strongest chess program after only 8 hours of practice and 21 million games played… against itself.

These algorithms are now used in a wide variety of applications and are increasingly important in innovations in all industries. Because of their technical complexity and sometimes abstract nature, the protection of AI algorithms, particularly via patents, requires very specific expertise. 

Our interventions

Identifying, securing and enhancing the value of your AI technologies and defending your rights within your market

  • Identifying the assets to be secured
  • Transcribing your inventions as best as possible to obtain strong protection
  • Defining the best protection strategy according to your business sector, thanks to pairs of Counsels combining their technical expertise (e.g.: biotech and AI, automotive and AI, etc…) to serve your projects
  • Defending your patent applications before the offices in the countries that are key to your activities
  • Protecting your trademarks, designs, domain names in all your markets
  • Securing access to the data involved in learning AI models through contractual agreements
  • Setting up technological and competitive monitoring
  • Enforcing your rights (pre-litigation, litigation)
  • Negotiating licenses and controlling the exploitation of your innovations by third parties etc.
  • Securing and enhancing the value of data developed and collected in increasingly open and collaborative environments
  • Assessing the financial value of your data and innovations: in the context of a loss of these assets, to establish a licence rate, or to determine a purchase or transfer price
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