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Publications - 29 Jan 2024

“Saisie-contrefaçon” at trade shows

By Frédérique Durieux
Publications - 16 Jan 2024

First order for preserving evidence from Paris local division of the UPC

By Frédérique Durieux
Publications - 15 Nov 2023

Increase in official fees in Argentina on December 1st, 2023

Publications - 26 Oct 2023

Official tax increases in Canada: steps you can take to reduce the impact on your budget

By Jean-Robert Callon de Lamarck
Publications - 04 Sep 2023

Assess the quality of your patents with IPscore®!

By Guillaume Schwab
Publications - 17 Jul 2023

USPTO Patent Fee Changes Arriving in 2025

By Bailey Ziegler, Ph.D
Publications - 14 Jun 2023

Company in difficulty: Beware of the scope of intellectual property assets takeover

By Franck Delamer and Marion Jouy
Publications - 13 Jun 2023

The “10-day rule”, well known to all those who follow proceedings before the EPO, will soon disappear

By Alexandre Metzger
Publications - 26 May 2023

Some opt-out statistics a few days before the UPC enters into force

By Sylvain Thivillier and Matthieu Vergniaud
Publications - 17 Apr 2023

Chinese and French patent offices enter into a PPH agreement

By Thomas Moisand
Publications - 07 Apr 2023

The importance of recordal of any change affecting your IP rights !

By Jérôme Braquehais
Publications - 04 Apr 2023

Decision G2/21: Are post-filing data admissible for acknowledgement of inventive step?

By Margaux Beretta, Ph.D and Ludovic Le Guen, Ph.D
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