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Publications - 24 Jan 2023

Foreign trademark protection strategies : Belize will join the international trademark system

Publications - 08 Dec 2022

Acquisition of a Plant Variety Certificate (PVC) in France: instructions for use

By Gabrielle Faure-André, Ph.D
Publications - 19 Oct 2022

Post-filing data and inventive step (case G2/21): the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal gives its preliminary opinion

By Cécile Puech, Ph.D
Publications - 19 Oct 2022

Protection of inventions relating to a dosage or administration regimen in China: possible but only in some cases

By Cécile Puech, Ph.D and Lazarina Choisnel
Publications - 11 Oct 2022

Supplementary Protection Certificates: Future developments in Europe ?

By Anne Bogard Boutaric
Publications - 23 Sep 2022

IP considerations for cell-therapies

By Raphaëlle Gillet, Ph.D and Nicolas Bouquin, Ph.D
Publications - 27 Jun 2022

Entry into force of the european patent with unitary effect: review your contracts!

By Frédérique Durieux and Franck Delamer
Publications - 16 May 2022

Accelerating examination to obtain a US patent

By Bailey Ziegler, Ph.D
Publications - 19 Apr 2022

International Design : 1 registration for 93 countries, China next

By Caroline Huguet-Braun
Publications - 31 Mar 2022

Whether or not to opt out of the competence of the unified patent court: another issue for european patent owners

By Frédérique Durieux and Stéphanie Massin Célaire
Publications - 01 Mar 2022

European patent with unitary effect: soon it will be time to choose !

By Frédérique Durieux and Stéphanie Massin Célaire
Publications - 18 Feb 2022

CRISPR/Cas9: a nebula of patents

By Lucile Vernoux, Ph.D and Nicolas Bouquin, Ph.D
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