Know-how: when knowledge becomes an added value

Your know-how includes all the transferable knowledge that is not immediately accessible to the public and which gives you a competitive advantage. Whether technical or commercial, they are strategic assets, at the heart of your added value and your development.

Our approach

Turning company secrets into a pillar of value creation.

Know-how needs to be protected by secrecy, which implies great vigilance and processes to be implemented such as the traceability of your innovations, the implementation of security measures and the signing of confidentiality agreements with your employees and your business partners.  

Regimbeau’s teams have particular expertise in identifying and protecting know-how in order to maintain a competitive edge, anticipate disputes or use it with third parties. 

Regimbeau also assists you in financially evaluating this know-how, which can significantly increase the value of your company, and in setting up and negotiating the various agreements for the securing and exploitation of these assets. 

Advising you on the protection and valuation of your know-how

  • Carrying out a complete mapping of your company’s know-how
  • Definition of the best protection strategy
  • Identification and documentation 
  • Implementation of practical measures.
  • Counselling and assistance on technical solutions to formalise your documentation
  • Raising awareness and training your teams
  • Methodology for evaluating your know-how
  • Technical, commercial and financial mapping
  • Analysis report, conclusions with supportive figures and recommendations
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