Disruptive CAR-T therapy is driving a new wave of patenting challenges

Discover an extract from the Immunowatch, published by our partner Mabdesign, and which contains an article written by Raphaëlle GILLET and Nicolas BOUQUIN, about CAR-T therapy.

Immunotherapies, including monoclonal antibodies and checkpoint inhibitors, are a hugely promising therapeutic area, in terms of both clinical benefits and potential market size. These treatments are able to reactivate the body’s own immune response to increase effectiveness in fighting diseases, particularly cancers. Among immunotherapies “adoptive immunotherapies” such as CAR-T cells (T cells engineered with chimeric-antigen-receptors (CARs)) are probably the highest hopes for patients and turn out to be a hot topic for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. CAR-T therapy is indeed a revolutionary type of treatment which has emerged as a potent new class of therapeutics for cancer, based notably on their remarkable potency in blood cancers.

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Nicolas Bouquin, Ph.D

Senior Associate

Raphaëlle Gillet, Ph.D

French Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney