Employee Inventions Commission meeting: the designation of inventors

The next APEB Employee Inventions Commission meeting will take place on March 29th. The subject will be « Designation of inventors : comparative approach France, Germany and the USA. What precautions ? What consequences ? » Franck Delamer, Industrial Property Attorney, will co-host this meeting with Dominique Kugel, Sanofi.

Conference on Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and ABS

Participation of Gabrielle Faure-André in the “Nagoya Protocol Conference and ABS (access and benefit-sharing): what impact on your supply of plant resources for plant variety selection, acquisition or development?” organized by Vegepolys

FICPI Sweden Seminar

Contribution by Jérôme Collin, Partner, to the FICPI Sweden Seminar “A New IP World ?” on “Interfering patent applications and current work on Substantive Patent Law Harmonisation in the B+ Group”