Medtech : building, developing and protecting the future of healthcare, together

With extensive experience acquired working alongside numerous Medtech clients, and as a strategic partner, Regimbeau acts as a dedicated, tailor-made team to help you make the right decisions, in understanding your challenges as a Medtech manager and your market.

Managing your intellectual property smartly to turn it into a growth lever.

Medtech companies play a major role in shaping the future of healthcare and wellness, and the sector is among the most diverse and innovative in Europe. This is reflected in the high number of patents filed in this field.

Thanks to an adapted methodology and the in-depth expertise of our teams, Regimbeau can help you manage your intellectual property and use it as a growth lever to serve your healthcare projects. 

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your Medtech innovations

  • Protecting your innovations, by working closely with your experts, including when your project combines different cutting-edge technologies, such as bioinformatics, connected health objects, surgical robotics, personalised health, etc.
  • Drafting strong patents, with an optimised scope according to the different territories, for example in the use of a robot involved in a surgical intervention, or in the use of artificial intelligence to analyse medical images
  • Taking into account the regulatory timetable in the definition of a protection strategy
  • Securing collaborations with doctors who are not employees of your company and who may contribute to your inventions
  • Protecting health data collected in the context of a clinical trial or the use of a connected medical device
  • Enhancing the value of your industrial property – an important asset of your company
  • Convincing investors of the protection of your innovations and your freedom to operate, for example in the context of capital raising
  • Counselling on the defence of your rights
  • Litigation and pre-litigation
  • Setting up a technological and competitive watch
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