Banking, Management, Finance, Insurance : assisting you in building the financial and insurance services of tomorrow

With expert and renowned teams in this sector, Regimbeau has extensive experience in these markets and assists both large financial groups and numerous Fintechs, Insurtechs and Regtechs in building new innovative models.

Identifying and protecting your innovations to remain one step ahead

The financial services sector is undergoing a major transformation. The aspirations of society, the rapid evolution of technologies and the increase in competition are crucial issues that are pushing all players to reconsider their economic model and rethink the construction of tomorrow’s financial and insurance services.

As for innovation, the sector is full of challenges such as securing transactions, fighting fraud, optimising data processing, managing risks and improving compliance processes.  

Regimbeau’s expert teams have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements for such inventions. They are on hand to study all aspects of your projects, and to help you identify aspects that are likely to be protected by patents, thus giving you a head start on your competitors and securing your investments. 

We can also assist you in protecting and promoting your brand and your distinctive signs, to set you apart from the competition and highlight your products and services. 

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your financial and insurance innovations

  • Protecting your innovations: working hand in hand with your experts in order to define the most appropriate strategy to protect your innovations, without disclosing your know-how which must remain confidential.
  • Protecting your trademarks, your software and application graphic interfaces, your domain names
  • Filing patent applications: ensuring that when preparing these patent applications, inventions are presented in a way that allows the patentability to be effectively defended. (e.g. in the field of banking services or insurance).
  • Defending your patent applications before patent offices in France and abroad
  • Managing your patent and trademark portfolio
  • Monitoring of your key assets (trademarks, domain names, etc.)
  • Technological and competitive watch 
  • Attack and defence oppositions
  • Pre-litigation, seizure for infringement
  • Litigation
  • Freedom to operate studies
  • Strategy & Counselling on the valuation of your assets 
  • Assistance in negotiating licensing agreements in France and abroad
  • Audit of patent, trademark and design portfolios
  • Due diligence
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