Retail, Consumer Goods, Luxury Goods : turning your innovations into growth levers

Your innovative assets are your value, attracting and capturing your customers and investors. Our experience in the sector, our attentiveness and our understanding of your challenges make Regimbeau your privileged partner, able to put together a dedicated team according to your goals.

Meeting the challenges of your sector through the power of your innovations and creations.

Agility and creativity are the watchwords of the consumer and luxury goods and distribution industries, which are major players in the French, European and global economies.

They are the first to be impacted by Fashion and trends and must constantly reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the expectations of consumers who are fond of novelties and keen on new distribution channels and new virtual or real opportunities. As there are many challenges, innovation is a major lever for your growth. 

Identifying, defending and enhancing the value of your innovations and creations

  • Identifying your creations and innovations
  • Securing your creative and marketing investments by conducting research and negotiating agreements
  • Verifying that you own rights
  • Identifying where their value should reside
  • Filing and deploying your asset portfolio
  • Monitoring competitors 
  • Taking action to keep the competition at bay
  • Communicating and building up evidence of use 
  • Maintaining and enforcing your rights
  • Negotiating agreements prohibiting or limiting third party use in your market
  • Fighting against illegal copying, counterfeiting, infringement and unfair competition, in the real world and in the metaverse
  • Strategy & Counselling on the valuation of your assets 
  • Assistance in negotiating licensing agreements in France and abroad
  • Audit of patent, trademark and design portfolios
  • Due diligence
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