Regimbeau is strengthening its presence in the western region of france

Since it was established in Rennes in 1980, the Regimbeau firm has made its mark as a major economic and innovative force in the western region of France. It is now forming a dedicated legal department, testament to the extent of its growth over the intervening period.

Caroline Huguet, aged 27, an Intellectual Property lawyer, will handle matters relating to trademark and design law, domain names and copyright, as well as monitoring developments in competition law.

Caroline has a master’s degree in law, a post-graduate diploma (DESS) in business law, specialising in the law of Information and Communication Techniques.

Caroline will have the support of the infrastructure and resources of Regimbeau’s Legal Department in Paris.

Jean-Yves Branger, the head of the Rennes office, commented: “Regimbeau Ouest is taking a significant step forward. We take great pride in assisting businesses and public bodies in what is one of the most attractive regions of France from the point of view of innovation. Our policy of providing a local service and our representation at all levels of innovation and its exploitation enables us to offer a consistent approach to intellectual property advice, both as regards the technical/legal aspects with patents and their origins with trademarks.”

Cabinet regimbeau opens a new permanent office in the rhône-alpes region: frédérique durieux has been appointed manager of the grenoble office

Grenoble, 3 November 2010 – Frédérique Durieux, 37, Industrial Property lawyer, will be heading Cabinet Regimbeau’s Grenoble office.

For Franck Tetaz, Partner and Director of the Lyon office, who has been coordinating the opening of a permanent base in the Rhône-Alpes region – the firm has been holding weekly consultations in Grenoble since 2007: “the vitality of the public and private sector companies and organizations in Grenoble and its area (Savoie and Haute-Savoie), whose development we have supported in France and abroad, has prompted us to open a permanent office in Grenoble, to be managed by Frédérique Durieux”.

Regimbeau’s expertise draws on its in-depth knowledge of the activity of its clients, in their environment. As an IP lawyer and EP Attorney before the European Patent Office (EPO), Frédérique Durieux is an ideal contact for public and private sector companies and organizations. She acquired her expertise with Cabinet Regimbeau, working with local companies in the fields of electronics (semi-conductors, components, and optics), electricity, materials and processing of materials, and medical devices. She holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

At a time when the knowledge economy is tending to organize along regional lines, the opening of this new office will supplement Regimbeau’s offer of advisory services adapted to the local industrial and academic fabric. Frédérique and the Grenoble office will enable Regimbeau to adapt its services to local needs, while enjoying the support of the firm’s global network of expertise. Historically based in Paris, Regimbeau, one of the largest French and European industrial property groups, is now also present in Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes and Montpellier.