Unitary patent : Regimbeau presents Sim’Up, a free online budget simulation tool

Paris, 24 October 2016 – Regimbeau, European and French Patent Attorneys, presents SIM UP, its new free, online budget simulation tool, enabling you to compare the post-deliverance costs (including validations and annuity payments) for European Patents in view of the forthcoming Unitary Patent system. The holder of a European Patent will be able to assess, in terms of cost, if there is an interest or not in choosing the unitary effect for countries habitually protected, or whether it is preferable to opt for the classic national validations.

The patent system in Europe is expected to undergo significant changes with the envisaged entry into force of the agreement for the creation of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patent system (UP).

Even if the BREXIT vote is likely to delay the initial timetable, optimists believe that the agreement enabling the Unified Patent Court to be requested – and thus the unitary effect for a European patent – could enter into force in 2017.

“National Validations” vs “Unitary Patent”

SIM’UP, is a tool for scenario simulations and decision making, that is accessible to all free of charge. Developed by REGIMBEAU it allows businesses to produce their own budget simulations and compare the post-grant costs of their European Patents with or without unitary effect.

SIM’UP carries out simulations that take into account all costs related to the validation of a European Patent and the payment of annual fees (official taxes, translation costs, professional fees, disbursements).

Furthermore, the tool comprises a number of options enabling you to customize your simulations. Making it possible to set the variable costs related to European Patent post-grant operations. To account for the BREXIT vote, there is an option allowing you to compare the costs depending on whether or not the United Kingdom will participate in the Unitary Patent system.

Discover the tool: https://unitary-patent-costs.eu/