Paris, 03 February 2018 – Under the guidance of AFNOR’s authority and in the framework of the Innovation Management Commission1, the Working Group CN INNOV GT5 (moderating by Marc LEVIEILS) has published a French Standard (NF X50-276) to facilitate the electronic exchange of data relating to intellectual property rights.

This standard is intended for use by all actors wishing to harmonize the exchange of Intellectual Property (IP) data: IP Offices, rights holders, IP Attorneys and service providers. The aim is to simplify the transfer of asset portfolios and the regular synchronization of data for the management of these files. This standard organizes the exchange of administrative and financial data, including documents relating to IP rights.

Following our drafting work, I am pleased to inform you that this standard, presented in two parts, is now published (both documents are available only in French):

1 Innovation Management Commission (AFNOR CN INNOV):