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As a leading IP law firm, Regimbeau has always considered knowledge sharing to be the logical corollary of its excellent IP expertise.

Our experts regularly write for major international IP journals and contribute to Regimbeau’s reputation.

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Publications - 14 Jun 2023

Company in difficulty: Beware of the scope of intellectual property assets takeover

By Franck Delamer and Marion Jouy
Publications - 24 Mar 2023

Processing of personal data by a service provider : beware of the risks of contract cancellation.

By Franck Delamer
Publications - 14 Mar 2023

The transmission of know-how: A decisive element in the qualification of the franchise agreement

By Marion Jouy
Publications - 27 Jun 2022

Entry into force of the european patent with unitary effect: review your contracts!

By Frédérique Durieux and Franck Delamer
Publications - 20 Apr 2020

IP management in times of crisis: what priorities? REGIMBEAU by your side during this critical period of COVID 19

By Katia Pouilly Stéphanie Massin Célaire and Isabelle Mary
Publications - 09 Aug 2019

Data in the sports sector

By Aleksandra THÉLOT
Publications - 23 Jul 2019

One year of GDPR

By Franck Delamer
Publications - 25 May 2018

GRDP: it’s now!

By Franck Delamer
Publications - 19 Oct 2015

How to End your Contractual Agreements Problem Free

By Isabelle LECAT
Publications - 05 Aug 2014

Who Pays the Photographer in Good Faith (but recklessly), must think twice!

By Katia Pouilly
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