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Publications - 26 May 2023

Some opt-out statistics a few days before the UPC enters into force

Publications - 17 Apr 2023

Chinese and French patent offices enter into a PPH agreement

Publications - 31 Jan 2023

How to patent Artificial Intelligence inventions? Highlights of decision T 0702/20

Publications - 19 May 2021

Brazil: End of the extension of patent validity and special regime for the pharmaceutical sector

Publications - 02 Mar 2021

Guidelines for the new patent opposition procedure in France (2/5): Filing and admissibility

Publications - 11 May 2020

EPO extends possibility of oral proceedings by videoconference to opposition proceedings

Publications - 21 Apr 2020

Implementation of the E.U. “Trademark reform package” in France: the French TM Office now competent to invalidate or revoke Trademark registrations

Publications - 24 Mar 2020

Personal Data and “Covid-19 Alert”

Publications - 11 Dec 2019

PACTE law and trademarks. Ready – On your mark – Go!

Publications - 09 Aug 2019

Data in the sports sector

Publications - 06 Sep 2017

Draft French standard (NF X50-276) to facilitate the electronic exchange of data relating to intellectual property rights is subject to a public enquiry

Publications - 09 Aug 2017

Declaration of “Sensitive” Inventions with the DGA: Clarified Procedure