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Publications - 28 2月 2023

International design : 1 registration for 96 countries, Mauritius Island and Brazil next

By Caroline Huguet-Braun
Publications - 17 8月 2021

SMEs: Receive funding for trademarks and designs

By Caroline Huguet-Braun
Publications - 22 9月 2020

Brexit will become a reality on January 1st, 2021

By Archive_Evelyne Roux
Publications - 12 2月 2019

Trademarks and use: a commentary on the Big Mac case

By Caroline Huguet-Braun and Archive_Evelyne Roux
Publications - 01 2月 2019

What impact will a BREXIT without a withdrawal agreement as of March 30, 2019, have on your IP assets, in particular patents, trademarks & designs, domain names?

By Frédérique Faivre Petit Sylvain Thivillier Cécile Puech, Ph.D Archive_Evelyne Roux and
Publications - 04 9月 2018

Industrial designs: prior disclosure: the non-relevance of the place of disclosure. Invalidity of the “Crocs” registered community design for lack of novely.

By Archive_Anne Chanteloup
Publications - 21 8月 2018

Brexit – Trademarks & Designs: an automatic transfer without official taxes for trademarks and designs of the European Union

By Archive_Evelyne Roux
Publications - 13 4月 2018

The assessment of the protection of a design with a technical function: an issue now settled by the Court of Justice of the European Union

By Archive_Anne Chanteloup
Publications - 15 12月 2015

European and French Customs Retainer Procedures

By Archive_Evelyne Roux and
Publications - 09 12月 2015

Advertising and Alcohol: The Supreme Court Acknowledges that the Impression of Pleasure is Allowed!

By Martine Bloch-Weill
Publications - 26 6月 2014

Are Your Industrial Property Rights Protected in French Polynesia?

By Nicolas Demilly
Publications - 26 5月 2014

The Highlights of 3D Printers and Intellectual Property

By Caroline Huguet-Braun
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