Séminaire IP Academy

This 5-day Seminar is designed for IP practitioners wishing to gain a practical understanding of the European Patent system, as well as of the community design on the EU.

The lectures address essential aspects of this system, with a view to helping participants optimize their efficiency in handling cases before the European Patent Office.

The Seminar also includes practical workshops aimed at maximizing the benefits of this learning experience.

“One of the best presentations I have attended in 25 years of practice.”

A 5-day Seminar designed for IP practitioners

  • Patentable subject matter
  • Novelty – Art 54(3) EPC, double patenting
  • Inventive step – Problem solution approach
  • Sufficiency of disclosure vs. Clarity
  • Workshop on Claim Drafting (Mech. and Chem.)
  • Workshop on Claim Amendments (Mech. and Chem.)
  • General presentation of proceedings – from filing to grant
  • Amendments (Mechanical / Chemical)
  • Oppositions / Limitations / Oral Proceedings / Appeals
  • Basic concepts of priority at the EPO
  • Partial priorities / Multiple priorities
  • “Poisonous” situations
  • How to protect a design in the EU
  • Strategy : National / EU / International Design
  • Interaction between registered designs and Patents / Copyrights / Unregistered designs
  • Invalidity proceedings and infringement actions
  • Case study
  • Unitary Patent & Unified Patent Court
  • Recent developments in the European Patent System
  • Searching for information on European Patents
  • Interacting with your European Patent Attorney
  • “Very clear and interesting approaches regarding the main patent prosecution matters in EP, thank you!”
  • “Very knowledgeable speakers, you can tell that they are truly experts!”
  • “The best lecture I’ve been given on problem solution approach.”
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